Why choose wood?

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Why choose wood?

We already know that walking in a forest is beneficial for our health and general wellbeing. Not only because of all the oxygen that the forest produces, but also because it reduces stress, tiredness, and depression. Therefore, our next question is: Are wooden items able to catch some of the forest spirit? The good news is: YES, THEY ARE!

The results of many scientific studies show that the presence of wood in our homes, schools and work spaces mimics the effect of spending time in nature. Here are some inspiring facts:

- Adults and children alike feel more comfortable, relaxed and innovative when they are surrounded with wood.

- Students are more productive and they interact more with each other. 

- Wooden items improve indoor air quality by moderating humidity.

- Colours and textures of wooden products generate feelings of “warmth”, “comfort” and “relaxation”. 

If you are environmentally conscious, you will also love the fact that wood is an easy-recyclable and sustainable material (important: it has to come from a sustainably grown forest) and that with choosing wood instead of plastic you help to re-establish global balance and healthier future for everyone on the planet.

We at Loving-Wood are so proud that the wood we use for our creating comes from our own, sustainably harvested forest. We enjoy working with wood and making our world greener, more alive and more beautiful. 

But our work wouldn’t exist without you, our customers. Thank you so much your support! And thank you for every time you choose wood!

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