Wood nativity plaque - Walnut background


Catch on a wood nativity plaque with walnut background.

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65,00 €

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Thank you for noticing our wood nativity plaque! We designed it to be eye-catching and just-the-right-size for an apartment or office.

It is made of gentle and bright BEECH WOOD, for a stronger contrast we added WALNUT BACKGROUND.

A natural and warm Christmas centerpiece that even includes Christmas tree outlines.

What you should know about our wood nativity plaque:
- The size is: 18 x 16 x 2,5 cm (7 x 6,3 x 1 in);
- You can have it RAW or OILED*;
- Both variants are perfectly safe for children;
- The wood that we use comes from our own, sustainably harvested forest;
- Precise sanding gives the nativity plaque satin-smooth surface.

You will receive your wood nativity plaque in a cardboard box, additionally protected with handmade wood shavings and decorated with a handmade tag. The wood nativity will be prepared especially for you!

*The aim of oiling is to protect wood nativity plaque from fingerprints etc. We use natural linseed oil + beeswax. The result is slightly golden surface of the wood. A PRO tip: you can easily paint the raw version just the way you like!

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