Who are we?


Wooden treasures for special moments

Our story

We are husband and wife and parents to two little girls. We live and work in a small village in Slovenia, Europe. In our shop you’ll find wooden treasures for the upcoming Christmas holidays and other special occasions.

Wood is a material we know best. It’s plain and simple, warm, colourful, alive. There are numerous reasons to respect it, admire it, fall in love with it and decide for it whenever we can. When it is met by beautiful design and a skilled hand a common piece of wood shows its hidden soul. Out of this reason Loving-Wood was born. We enjoy making perfect wooden items of a great quality that we love to have ourselves, and share them with you. We are pretty sure there is much beautiful to come, so stay with us and take whatever inspires you.

Our team =)


Who are we?
Gregor – Co-Founder, Organiser, Designer, Maker
Nina – Co-Founder, Organiser, Translator, Communicator
Ana – Designer, Photographer, Maker
Alexandra – Translator for the German market
Polona – Doer of all little things, Shipper

Our thoughts

I guess it all happened naturally, as a logical consequence of us being born right here, on this tiny piece of our planet, surrounded by adorable hills, mighty forests and people having so much knowledge about wood. Years of living this close to the nature made us aware of how important it is to walk hand in hand with Mother Earth. It becomes a way of living. A style.


A couple of years ago we thought: Let’s make something beautiful! And after a period of searching, our first project was born: a stylish wooden nativity set. It was something that expressed who we are, what we like and believe in. We launched it in 2013 and realised that many people wish to have natural and beautiful items in their homes – just like us. A year later we continue writing our wooden fairytale.


Loving-Wood reflects exactly what I seek in life. Beauty and fascination for simple things. And it is also what I am. Simplicity and creativity. Wood offers me the opportunity to – with a touch of patience – create something wonderful. When you can offer this to others, then you know you're on the right path.